Pain Management

It is a fact that people from all walks of life struggle with opiate addiction. The need for pain relief is sincere, but as the body becomes accustomed to the pills, a tolerance is developed. Little by little, a higher dose is needed to stop the pain. Over time, a dependence on the medication develops and the opiates become the controller of your life. Just as with any drug, the addiction doesn’t happen overnight. It develops gradually, until it controls and possibly destroys your life. Because the pills are legal, and may even be prescribed to you by your doctor, it can take longer to realize that there is a problem. If you suspect that you are dealing with an opiate addiction, don’t delay.

We can help you with the addiction; call your Jacksonville, FL Treatment Center in Jacksonville, FL at (904) 419-3075. Once you are physically dependent on the pills, it’s difficult to stop taking them. Withdrawal symptoms can be dangerous to you physically. Detox programs are needed to deal with the physical withdrawal symptoms. A qualified medical staff is needed to help deal with the pain that may still exist from the initial injury. Patients also require help from experienced therapists to deal with the emotional aspects. The pain that prompted the opiate dependency originally may still be present. The first challenge is to treat the addiction and then help you work with the pain using holistic therapies.

In many cases the original pain has faded, however the physical dependency to opiates continues. Patients who are dealing with opiate dependency need to know how to control the pain, without having to depend on narcotics. We specialize in pain management systems that do not require the use of narcotics. These non-narcotic methods are taught after the detox process has been completed. Our treatments for pain in the Jacksonville, FL area include the following:

  • Acupuncture
  • Pain psychotherapy
  • EMDR Therapy
  • Exercises
  • Nutrition

Dependency to pain killers can happen to anyone. The initial need for pain relief can create this dependency. Many people fall victim every year to prescription drug addiction. In addition to the difficulty breaking the dependency, there also may be a fear that the pain will return. This is why we work closely with our patients to help them find narcotic-free solutions for pain relief. When you can control your pain, you can control the dependency, Restore Hope to your life. Don’t wait to get started! People in the Jacksonville, FL area can call The Treatment Center in Jacksonville, FL at (904) 419-3075 for help today. With our program, you will also learn about self-esteem, respect and responsibility, which will help you be successful as you fight an opiate addiction.


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