Do I Have a Problem?

Simply asking yourself this question is a step in the right direction. Recognizing that you might need help is the first step on this journey. Making the decision to call in Jacksonville, FL at (904) 419-3075 to get the help will be the next one. Here are some questions you can ask yourself so you can decide whether you need to make that call. Be sure to be honest with yourself. Reaching out for help isn’t easy, but we’re here to help you take the right steps so you can reclaim your life.

  1. Do you take drugs or consume alcohol on a daily basis?
  2. Has your drug or alcohol use ever caused you to miss work? This would include times that you have been busy trying to pick up some drugs, “forgot” that you were supposed to work, or simply lost track of time.
  3. Do you find that most of the people you spend your time with are also in the drug and alcohol scene, and are using or drinking on a regular basis?
  4. Have you ever taken prescription drugs with the intent of getting high?
  5. Have you previously decided to stop drinking or taking drugs, only to find that you simply could not stop?
  6. Have you ever blacked out when drinking or taking drugs?
  7. Do you feel compelled to apologize for your behavior after the fact when you have been using drugs or drinking?
  8. Do you get high or drunk by yourself?
  9. Has your family or friends expressed concerns that you may be drinking too much or doing too many drugs?
  10. Have you stopped doing things you love because you are too high or drunk?
  11. Do you wake up immediately looking for drugs or alcohol because you already need them?

Answering yes to any of the questions indicates that you may have a problem. Answering yes to the majority of these problems indicates that you most likely will require help. Don’t delay; call us in Jacksonville, FL at (904) 419-3075. We are always here to help you, and we are ready to guide you on the road to happiness.


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